If you want to start trying out Even Driven Architecture to see if it’s right for you, you may be worried about costs or the initial effort required.  Standing up a Kafka server may seem like a daunting task to experiment with a new technology.  However, there is an easier way that is also lighter on the wallet.

Both AWS and Azure have their versions of event hubs that are easy to provision.  The details of each are too much for a single blog post, but check back for a future post on how to do so.

Until then, however, we can look at how much they will cost to get started for a few members of your development team.  Assuming we are testing for functionality instead of throughput, you can dial down each of the offerings from AWS and Azure to a level that is quite reasonable.

Let’s take AWS Kinesis first.  If we look at the cost estimator, and configure it for the least expensive option, we come up with a price of about $12/month.  3 records per second and 2 streams is a sufficient configuration for your Proof of Concept team to begin writing code and generating events.

If you are a Microsoft shop and prefer Azure, we can configure a similar offering of Event Hubs that is roughly the same price.

Don’t let yourself postpone this effort due to costs.  EDA is a powerful technology and can make your entire back office development team more productive.  It makes sense to dip your toe in the water now.