Set Validation in CQRS


Force that data in! Set validation is a problem with any architecture, but particularly with CQRS because

The Definition of “Event” has changed


When getting started with Event Driven Architectures, I often hear people confuse Messages and Events (What’s the difference?), but

Difference Between Event and Message


Those new to Event Driven Architectures often treat the words “events” and “messages” as interchangeable.  Though they have a lot

The Best Way to Share Data Among Bounded Contexts


When first learning Domain Driven Design it is common to run into problems in data sharing.  Domain Driven Design recommends

Logger Injection vs Static Logging


When deciding how to log messages from an application it can be tempting to use the static logger offered by

Migrating a Legacy System to CQRS


One of the most difficult parts of migrating an existing legacy system to DDD and CQRS is keeping all the

Testing EDA is Less Expensive than you Think


If you want to start trying out Even Driven Architecture to see if it’s right for you, you may be

Should a Repository Log Exceptions


I recently had a question about whether a repository should log exceptions that occur during DB updates. We have a

DDD is not Architecture


In some recent discussions with potential clients, they've told me that one of their goals for their project was to