Big Nerd Ranch Alexa Training for Visual Studio

I’ve been a .NET developer for many years, and I love using Visual Studio as my development environment. When I started doing Alexa development, the training classes released by Big Nerd Ranch were a bit difficult to get working in VS. To save others the difficulty, I’ve made some videos of how to download the code and get it running in VS2015.

This video is for the first chapter of the Big Nerd Ranch series.

Let me know what you think, then try Part 2 of this series.

If you want to cut to the chase and download the working project, go here.

My Story

Hi, I’m Brad Irby. Since I began my career in Software Development 30 years ago, nearly every project I’ve worked on has been with existing code, not building from scratch. In working with companies like General Electric, Wells Fargo,and Bank of America, I have learned how to work with large legacy systems, and bring them up to date by injecting current development techniques into existing code. In fact I’ve done it so often, Addison Wesley ask me to write a book about it.

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